Head to Toe Health Centre
71 Oxford Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1P2

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Your First Visit

Your body has the ability to heal itself. It just needs your assistance.

First thing’s first

Prior to your initial consultation, please complete the appropriate intake form available to the right and return them to us at info@headtotoehealth.ca or bring them to your first appointment. This will provide us with the necessary information regarding your primary concerns and general health history, and allow us to come to the first meeting prepared with questions and pertinent information.

The initial naturopathic consultation will last approximately 90 minutes where we will discuss your current state of health, explore any conditions or symptoms you are experiencing or have experienced in the past, and review the treatments employed and their degree of effectiveness.

We will then synthesize this information, do the necessary research, and work with you to create an individualized treatment plan addressing your primary concerns and health/wellness goals.

Intake and Consent Forms

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