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Homeopathy for Common Dental Problems

March 12, 2013 by Dr Karen Hack

Homeopathic medicine is a natural alternative to support the treatment of dental problems.  While it does not replace dentistry, homeopathy can be used to aid healing and reduce pain. Gum disease, abscesses, dentition, toothaches, and nerve pain can all be helped with a properly selected homeopathic remedy.

Here are a few examples of how homeopathy can help you to heal your common dental problems:

  • Dental Extraction; Arnica is beneficial in reducing swelling and shock to the tissue.
  • Hypericum is helpful when there is nerve irritation causing hypersensitivity, such as in root canal. Hypericum is most effective when the pain is sharp and shooting, and improves with warm applications.
  • Ledum helps with poor healing and numbness after an injection.
  • Phosphorus is indicated when there is excessive bleeding during or after dental surgery.  Phosphorus 30ch can be taken immediately following surgery and repeated every 2-3 hours until the bleeding stops.
  • Hepar Sulph 12ch every 2-3hrs is an effective way to deal with abscesses, especially ones that are full and just won’t burst. Abscesses are extremely effective where pains are described as sharp and intense, especially with cold drink, eating, and inhaling cold air.
  • Mercurious 30ch every 3-4hrs is an effective means of dealing with abscesses at the root of the tooth. Mercurious is most effective in cases where there is offensive breath, the pain is throbbing in nature which is worse at night, and there is a metallic taste in the mouth.
  • Bryonia 30ch is indicated for pain due to injured teeth, blows to teeth and for dentition.  Bryonia is best when the pain is stitching and is worse with movement, but is better applying pressure to the painful side.
  • Chamomilla is the number one remedy for teething children. It can be purchased as a teething remedy that comes in an easy to use package for babies.

When using a homeopathic remedy patients are requested NOT to use mouthwash or toothpaste 1hr before and 1hr after taking the remedy as it may neutralize the medicine.

For more information about how homeopathy can help you with your personal dental concerns, please email me, Christina Bujouves, B.A, DHMHS, at christina@headtotoehealth.ca or call the Head to Toe Health Centre at 416-203-6500. It is easy to book an appointment through our online booking system – just click on ‘Book an Appointment’.