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Detox and Weight Loss – 30 Day Challenge

August 20, 2012 by Dr Karen Hack




The Head to Toe Challenge will begin on Monday September 17th and run through to Monday October 15th. The first two weeks will be dedicated to detoxification and will include a grocery store tour and individualized diet plan, designed by Eleanor, as well as specific herbs & supplements to support the cleansing process, prescribed by Karen. The focus of the second two weeks will be weight loss and will again involve both a holistic diet protocol designed by Eleanor, and a supplement and herb protocol designed by Karen. Once your general health and history have been assessed, Eleanor and Karen will work together to ensure that your individual needs are met in the prescribed detoxification and weight-loss protocol.

The Head to Toe challenge will also include three in-person support meetings at the Head to Toe Health Centre. The first is scheduled for Thursday September 13th between 6 and 8 pm, where you will meet the other participants in the Head to Toe challenge. A follow-up meeting and check-in will be held on Monday October 1st, 6-8 pm, as well as a final meeting and wrap-up on Monday October 15th, 6-8 pm. There will be a free continual online support forum available to you through our Head to Toe Health Centre Facebook site.

*3 Naturopathic Sessions
*3 Holistic Nutrition Sessions
*One-on-One Guidance
*Grocery Store Tour
*Holistic Diet Protocol
*Supplement and Herb Protocol
*3 In-Person Support Group Sessions
*Free Continual Online Support Forum


$665 +HST (non-clients)**

$580 +HST (current clients of Head to Toe Health Centre)**

DISCOUNT: If you are not presently a Head to Toe patient and you register with a friend, you each receive a $60 discount!

$605 +HST **


For more information or to register for the challenge, contact us:
Phone: 416-203-6500
Email: info@headtotoehealth.ca

*Please note that in preparation for the progamme, the initial naturopathic assessment and initial holistic nutrition assessment must be complete prior to Monday September 17th.

**Please note that the cost of herbs and supplements is not covered in the programme, though the Head to Toe Health Centre will make prescribed products available to you at the lowest possible price.