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Who looks outward dreams; who looks inward, wakes.

Body Connections

Over the years I have gained a deepening respect and curiosity for this connective tissue system called Fascia. It is what we are made of each body part, organ and gland can be broken down to this common tissue right down to the cellular level.


Why Detoxify?

The concepts of internal cleansing and detoxifying have been integral to naturopathic philosophy since the beginning of our profession over a century ago.


Treat Stress Naturally with Homeopathic Medicine

Do you suffer from fatigue, insomnia, weight gain or loss, irritability, high blood pressure or anxiety? If so you may be experiencing the effects of stress.

Our daily responsibilities, such as work, family, friends, and finances can often be overwhelming and leave us feeling stressed.


Time for Vitamin D!

I’m seeing a lot of patients feeling the winter ‘blahs’ and, when I ask them if they are taking their vitamin D, most are not. Vitamin D is the “sunshine” vitamin and when we are lacking the sun or it is too cold to go outside, our vitamin D levels deplete.