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Our 7 Favourite Natural Remedies to Banish Colds & Flus!

When your down and out with a cold or flu there isn’t much conventional medicine can offer besides ibuprofen or tylenol while the symptoms run their course.  Although pain killers can dial down symptoms they don’t support your body or immune system and can actually put strain on our organs.  In fact, tylenol is one of the leading […]


7 Favourite Garden Herbs and Botanicals from a Naturopath

Gardening season is fast approaching so we’re sharing seven of our favourite must-have herbs! They’re beautiful, easy to grow, hearty herbs that come back each year (perennials😉).  They’re also incredibly useful whether it’s in your kitchen, medicine cabinet or to keep hungry critters away from your tomato plants🐛. Happy planting! #1. Calendula or Marigold (calendula officinalis) […]