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About Our Clinic

The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine but will interest his/her patients in the cause and and prevention of disease.

About Alexia Georgousis

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

My practice style is eclectic, using simple, and effective treatment plans intended to treat the whole person - body, mind and spirit. When one area of ourselves is out of alignment, it impacts the whole. I believe symptoms are the body’s attempt to heal itself - we simply need to listen and trust the guidance that exists within. I am committed to my own personal development which I find helps me to be a better person and a better naturopathic doctor. I am also committed to staying current with the ever-changing field of naturopathic medicine, with an emphasis on spirituality and health. My best teachers have been my clients as well as my own life and health challenges - all of which inspire me to 'walk my talk.'   I feel incredibly grateful and honoured to work with people as whole beings.  I have a spiritual practice which allows me to ride the waves of uncertainty that are part of life.

The modalities of naturopathic medicine utilize the wisdom of nature; plants, minerals, water, and energy.  These natural medicines also have incredible wisdom, working with your whole being. Since we are nature, not just a part of nature, developing a relationship with nature is incredibly helpful to all healing. There is room for conventional treatment as well, and I may at some point, refer you for conventional testing or treatment.

Healing means we become more vital, more whole, and more engaged in life, regardless of what we suffer from, or have suffered. The scars may be there, but they no longer limit us from being our authentic selves. I believe the true purpose of any suffering we experience, (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), is to expand, soften, and evolve. Healing requires patience, courage, a willingness to learn, and to open to possibility even when we are scared. Healing causes us to wake up and live from an expanded sense of self - we are not separate.

I look forward to working with you on your healing journey!

Dr Alexia Georgousis is in the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.