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At the Head to Toe Health Centre, we strive to make a positive difference to the mental, emotional, and physical lives or our clients through a wide variety of therapies. Our experienced practitioners understand that by collaborating and combining complimentary therapeutic approaches, we can provide you with more efficient and effective treatments.

Our aim is to generate hope, awareness, and understanding through support and guidance. We commit to provide you with a warm, friendly, and relaxed environment where you can explore our services and feel comfortable asking questions, while we strive to provide you with the best care possible.

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vitamin_D_sunshine_heart_health_cardiovascular_mood_depression_pms_autoimmune_naturopath_naturopathic_doctor_head_to_toe_health_centre_kensington_market_torontoVitamin D Deficiency – Oh Canada!

32% of Canadians are Deficient in Vitamin D!

Here is What You Can Do About It.